For Honest and Effective Legal Representation,
Count on the Leydorf Law Firm

If you are facing criminal charges in Michigan--whether drunk driving, drug-related offenses, or other misdemeanors or felonies--you need an honest attorney who will protect your rights and advocate effectively for your interests. The Leydorf Law Firm stands ready to meet that need.

Attorney Nicholas Leydorf has achieved outstanding results for clients who were facing accusations of sex crimes, driving under the influence, weapons offenses, assault and battery, drug offenses (such as possession and possession with intent to deliver), and various white-collar crimes.

Our firm is a statewide practice; we have represented clients in more than 50 counties across Michigan.

We pride ourselves on being forthright with our clients; providing clear explanations of all the legal issues and procedures that confront them; aggressively and vigorously defending their rights and interests, and responding promptly to their phone calls and emails. We understand the anxiety and anguish prompted by a criminal prosecution. We want to help.

If you need an honest and hard-working defense attorney, contact The Leydorf Law Firm at any time by calling (517) 388-6800.

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