29th Circuit Court


The 29th Judicial Circuit Court is located at 100 E. State Street Suite 4300 in Saint Johns. The Circuit Court happens to be located within the same building as the 65A District Court. To contact the court by telephone, call (989)-224-5130.


The Circuit Court is separated into three divisions: civil, criminal and family. Each division specializes in handling different types of cases.


Civil Division:

Civil cases exceeding $25,000, appeals, license restorations, injunctions, condemnations, and divorce cases that do not involve any minor children are adjudicated in the Civil Division. Cases within the Civil Division are allocated to Hon. Randy L. Tahvonen.


            Criminal Division

Felony cases, criminal appeals from the District Court, extraditions, and writs are handled within the Criminal Division of Circuit Court. Currently both Judge Tahvonen and Judge Rick are assigned to handle cases within the Criminal Division.


            Family Division

Cases that involve name changes, paternity, family support, UIFSA, parental waiver, emancipation, adoptions, juvenile, abuse and neglect, personal protection orders and divorce with minor children are designated to the Family Division of Circuit Court. The Family Court Judges include Judge Rick and Lisa Sullivan, who is also the Chief Judge of the Probate Court.


Because the 29th Judicial Circuit Court covers Clinton County and Gratiot County, two Judges share time between two locations. During the first two weeks of every month, Hon. Michelle M. Rick sits on the bench in Clinton County while Hon. Randy L. Tahvonen in Gratiot County. Judge Tahvonen takes the bench in Clinton County for the last two weeks while Judge Rick in Gratiot County.


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Additional information regarding the 29th Judicial Circuit Court can be on their webpage: http://www.clinton-county.org/lawjustice/circuitcourt.aspx

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