30th Circuit Court

The 30th Judicial Circuit Court of Ingham County



The 30th Judicial Circuit Court of Ingham County is located at 303 W. Kalamazoo Street in Lansing, Michigan.


Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday:         8:30 am- 4:30 pm



Phone:                        (517)- 483- 6500




Honorable Laura Baird, Honorable R. George Economy, Honorable Richard J. Garcia, and Honorable Janelle A. Lawless are the judges in the Family Division of the Circuit Court. Hon. R. George Economy resides as Chief Judge of the Probate Court and Hon. Janelle A. Lawless is Chief Judge of the Circuit Court.


Honorable William E. Collette, Honorable Rosemarie E. Aquilina, Honorable Clinton Canady III, Honorable Joyce Draganchuk, and Honorable James S. Jamo are the judges in the General Trial Division of the Circuit Court. Honorable Joyce Draganchuk resides as Chief Judge Pro Tempore for the Circuit Court.



The Circuit Court is separated into three divisions that all specialize in handling different types of cases: civil, criminal, and family. The responsibilities of each division are outlined below.


            Civil Division

The Civil Division has original jurisdiction over all civil actions in which the amount in controversy exceeds $25,000. Injunctions, license restorations, appeals, and condemnations are also adjudicated in the Civil Division of the Circuit Court.


Criminal Division

Maintains original jurisdiction over criminal cases involving a felony and circuit court misdemeanors. The Criminal Division is also responsible for criminal appellate assignments and appointments for indigent criminal defendants who necessitate court-appointed counsel.


Family Division

The Family Division specializes in cases that involve divorce, paternity, child support, neglect, abuse, and/or delinquencies.



Additional information regarding the 30th Judicial Circuit Court can be found on their webpage:


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