4th Judicial Circuit Court


The 4th Judicial Circuit Court is located in the Jackson County Building at 312 S. Jackson Street in Jackson, Michigan.



Administration:         (517) 788-4382

Clerk’s Office:             (517) 788-4268



Hon. Thomas D. Wilson

Chief Judge                            

(517) 788- 4380


Hon. John G. McBain
Chief Judge Pro Tem
(517) 788- 4390


Hon. Diane M. Rappleye

Family Division Judge

(517) 788- 4450

Hon. Richard N. LaFlamme

(517) 788- 4365


Hon. Susan E. Beebe
Recovery Court Judge
(517) 788- 4360


The Circuit Court is comprised of a general division, probate court, and family division. The responsibilities of each division are listed below:


General Division:
Civil cases exceeding $25,000, appeals, license restorations, condemnations, extraditions civil forfeitures, malpractice, negligence, contracts, felonies, and extraordinary writs.


Probate Court:
Estates, trusts, foreign births and wills.


Family Division
Name changes, paternity, family support, UIFSA, parental waiver, emancipation, adoptions, juvenile abuse and neglect, personal protection orders, violations of PPOs, delinquency, neglect, infectious disease, parental waiver and divorce.



Additional information regarding the 4th Circuit Court of Jackson County can be found on their website http://www.co.jackson.mi.us/county_courts/CNP.asp


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