54B District Court

54B Judicial District Court



The 54B Judicial District Court of Ingham County is located at 101 Linden Street in East Lansing, Michigan.


Hours of Operation

Monday- Friday:        8am- 12pm and 1pm- 4:30pm



Phone:                        (517) 351- 7000

Fax:                             (517) 351- 3371



The Honorable Richard D. Ball currently presides as Chief Justice for the 54B Judicial District Court. Honorable Andrea Andrews Larkin also serves as District Court Judge for 54B.



All cases having occurred in the City of East Lansing are handled by the 54B District Court. The Court hears criminal cases and conducts preliminary examinations for misdemeanor and felony charges. Additionally, civil cases that do not exceed $25,000 and small claims disputes up to $3,000 are handled by 54B. Landlord/tenant disputes, traffic/parking violations, and civil infractions are also settled within the District Court.



Additional information regarding the 54B Judicial District Court can be found be accessing the Court’s webpage:


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