Child Molestation

Child molestation is a catch-all term that refers to a variety of interactions between adults and minors that are intended to cause sexual gratification in the adult. The criminal charge leveled in such cases would not be “child molestation”; in Michigan, it would most likely be one of four defined degrees of “criminal sexual conduct” (CSC). People accused of child molestation in Michigan face the prospect of a long prison term followed by probation and decades of registration on the Michigan Sexual Offender registry.

Allegations of crimes against children lead to extensive investigations. Even professionals who work in various areas of law enforcement can find their judgment clouded by emotional responses to such accusations. In the process, the accused are stigmatized, even if they are later held to be not guilty. If you are facing an investigation for suspected child molestation, you should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney right away. Depending on the circumstances, such an attorney may be able to keep charges from ever being filed against you, or to get charges reduced or even dropped.

Child molestation cases pose a particular challenge both for prosecutors and for defense attorneys because the testimony of children can be more easily manipulated, whether intentionally or not. An effective criminal defense attorney will investigate thoroughly any allegations against his or her client, vigorously challenge the evidence against the client, and ensure that the client receives the full protection of his or her constitutional rights. With the benefit of experience and of professional negotiation skills, an effective defense attorney can also be of great help to a client during any plea negotiations.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is speaking with law enforcement without speaking with a lawyer beforehand. Often, law enforcement will make promises that if the suspect confesses, the situation will just “go away.” It never does. Even if an individual has engaged in conduct that is classified as a criminal offense, an experienced attorney can assist those facing criminal charges. There are options in every situation, but individuals must know that they should speak with a lawyer before making a decision to speak with the police.

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