Criminal Sexual Conduct Not Charged

February 1, 2011 – Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan

Criminal Defense Attorney Nicholas A. Leydorf is proud to announce that another client has been cleared of all criminal sexual conduct accusations. Following a lengthy investigation by the Eaton County Sheriff’s Department, the Eaton County Prosecutor’s Office denied issuing charges. The allegations occurred over a year and a half ago.

Nicholas A. Leydorf, who has handled numerous criminal sexual conduct cases across Michigan, conducted his own investigation into the allegations made against his client and turned over a polygraph examination that his client had passed.

This result marks the most recent example of Attorney Leydorf’s pre-arrest representation of clients. A common misconception is that individuals who have been contacted by the police should speak with the police without first consulting with a criminal defense attorney. Even if people have done nothing wrong, speaking with a criminal lawyer to understanding your rights can ensure that you don’t say anything that cannot be taken back.