Domestic Violence

In Michigan, some acts are defined as “domestic violence” when they occur between spouses or former spouses, people who are or were in a dating relationship, people who have a child in common, or people who live (or lived) in the same household.

When most people think of domestic violence, they imagine one person hitting another. However, the definition of domestic violence in Michigan covers much more, including psychological abuse. A person can be accused and convicted of domestic violence even if he or she never laid a finger on the alleged victim. Causing or attempting to cause mental harm to a family or household member, or using the threat of force to get a dating partner to have non-consensual sex, are also behaviors that fall under the definition of domestic violence.

As with other crimes, repeated convictions for domestic violence lead to more serious charges and longer sentences. A person who is facing charges of domestic violence for the first time, however, may be able to get the proceedings delayed and be placed on probation, which would usually include psychological treatment and education.

Clearly, accusations of domestic violence can lead to severe consequences in our society. Beyond the criminal system, such accusations carry great weight in family court, in disputes over child custody. If you are facing accusations of domestic violence, especially if you are a parent, you should consult an attorney who will consider and address all the potential consequences of your case.

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