Driver’s License Restoration

Drivers who have had their licenses revoked in Michigan after repeated DUI convictions may appeal to have their driving privileges restored. However, driver’s license restoration is not a given; it is a process that involves a special hearing and specific written evidence required by law, which must prove that the driver has been sober for a particular length of time (a minimum of 6 months, although 12 months of sobriety are often required) and that he or she now poses only a minimal risk of returning to substance abuse or driving under the influence.

At the hearing with the Driver License Appeal Division (DLAD), the petitioner (i.e. the person requesting the restoration) must also present the hearing officer with “clear and convincing evidence” that he or she has any substance abuse problems under control and that he or she has the ability and motivation to drive safely. The petitioner must provide the results of a blood-alcohol test, as well as various other documents, such as letters from people who know the petitioner’s history and can attest to his or her sobriety; documents that prove the petitioner’s involvement with a treatment program; and/or documents that prove his or her attendance of support group meetings.

Generally, a petitioner can apply for drivers’ license restoration only once a year. A denied Michigan driver’s license restoration petition means another year’s wait, and may make it more difficult to succeed in a later hearing.

If you are ready to appeal for restoration of your driver’s license, therefore, you should consult an experienced attorney who can help you navigate through the process and avoid such pitfalls as failing to provide all the necessary proof, or providing incomplete or inaccurate information. Mistakes may extend a revocation by years, limiting your ability to work, help your family, and enjoy life.

If you have already had an unsuccessful hearing and are considering an appeal, you should also discuss your particular situation with an attorney who can provide a knowledgeable evaluation of your case.

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