DUI / Drunk Driving / OWI

If you have been charged with drunk driving (or “operating a vehicle while intoxicated,” driving with an unlawful level of bodily alcohol, or “operating a vehicle while visibly impaired”), you need the expertise of an aggressive and dedicated drunk driving / OWI attorney. In Michigan, you are facing the revocation or suspension of your driver’s license, fines, mandatory alcohol-related education, and possible jail or prison time. At the Leydorf Law Firm in Lansing, Michigan, we are ready to use our knowledge and resources to seek the best possible outcome in a situation that could affect the rest of your life.

Challenging Questionable Evidence

Contrary to popular belief, a charge of drunk driving does not always lead to a conviction. Field sobriety and roadside chemical and preliminary breath tests are often inaccurate. Evidence may also have been obtained improperly, which would make it inadmissible in court. Armed with information about sobriety tests, and knowledgeable about outcomes in cases comparable to yours, a dedicated attorney with experience in fighting OWI / drunk driving charges can help you get those charges reduced or dismissed if the evidence against you is questionable.

Striving to Prevent Serious Consequences

At the Leydorf Law Firm, we pride ourselves on candid communication with our clients. If entrusted with your representation, we will work assiduously to get your OWI / drunk driving charge reduced or dismissed. At the same time, we will ensure that you understand the process and are fully informed of the potential consequences of a conviction.

Any conviction for drunk driving can severely impact both your personal and your professional life; multiple convictions can be devastating. A suspended or revoked driver’s license may lead to the loss of a job—a particularly harsh outcome in the current economy. More importantly, a prison sentence would limit employment opportunities and have additional serious consequences. For a college student, a criminal record could put scholarships out of reach and affect the prospect of a degree or the pursuit of graduate school. Convictions could end a career before it ever begins.

You cannot afford to take any DUI charges lightly. For a confidential evaluation regarding DUI / drunk driving charges, contact attorney Nicholas Leydorf today by calling (517) 388-6800.