Indecent Exposure

Exposing or showing one’s genitals or buttocks (or female breasts) in a public place, and urinating in public, are examples of acts that can get a person convicted of indecent exposure in Michigan. A wide range of conduct can qualify as “indecent exposure”—from intentional acts by “flashers” seeking sexual gratification, all the way to a person swimming naked alone, unaware that anyone can see her.

Once convicted, a person would have a criminal record to deal with, haunting his or her career and personal relationships. The record would not detail the underlying conduct; which may have been something that most people would consider quite innocuous; it would simply list “indecent exposure,” with all its possible permutations.

In Michigan, such a conviction would also mean exposure to fines and up to a year of imprisonment. If the person was found to have been not merely exposing but also fondling his or her private parts, the potential fines would be higher, and the potential imprisonment would rise to two years. In addition, a person who suffered multiple convictions would also have to register on the Michigan Sexual Offender registry.

City ordinances and various campus rules also impose penalties for acts of indecent exposure. While the repercussions for violating such laws and rules are less severe, they can still harm a person’s future. In some cases, these city ordinances and statutes have been deemed “unconstitutionally vague,” as they do not properly define what conduct is considered criminal. Often, there are problems defining exactly what is indecent, as this term is, by nature, subjective.

However, an experienced defense attorney can help in getting charges dismissed or penalties reduced. If you have been charged with indecent exposure anywhere in Michigan, please contact out offices right away. Attorney Nicholas Leydorf has represented clients in more than 50 Michigan counties; he will use his experience and skills to protect your interests and your rights.

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