Kent County Teen Acquitted of Marijuana Possession Charges

Grand Rapids Criminal Defense Attorney Nicholas A. Leydorf achieved a jury verdict for his client who was charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

From the first interview with his client, it was clear to Criminal Attorney Nick Leydorf that his client was innocent of the drug crime that was alleged by the prosecutor's office. The Kent County Prosecuting Attorney's case was based largely on the testimony of three juvenile witnesses from Grand Rapids who did not want to admit that the marijuana found in the vehicle was theirs and were willing to tell officers that the marijuana was someone else's in order to avoid being charged with a drug crime. Attorney Leydorf's client was questioned by police officers at the scene, however, invoked his constitutional right to have a lawyer present during all questioning.

The Kent County Prosecuting Attorney offered Leydorf's client, a young man from the Grand Rapids area, a plea bargain whereby if the defendant pleaded guilty and told a judge the marijuana was his, then the case would be dismissed if Leydorf's client successfully completed probation. This plea deal would also allow Leydorf's client to keep the case off his record, as the guilty plea would not immediately result in a conviction.

Attorney Leydorf discussed the plea offer with his client, advising him of the chances of winning and the consequences of losing. Ultimately, his client made the decision to go to trial because he was adamant that the marijuana was not his and he did not possess it.

At the trial, Leydorf, who is a criminal defense lawyer with a statewide practice, executed the carefully constructed plan of defense to discredit the prosecution's witnesses. At times, the jury, who was made up of individuals from Grand Rapids and other cities in Kent County, chuckled in response to the prosecution's witnesses' answers, as it was clear to them that the prosecuting attorney's witnesses were fabricating a story to avoid prosecution.

Following the acquittal, Leydorf and his client were ecstatic as his client had been cleared of all criminal wrongdoing.

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