Lansing DUI / OWI Drunk Driving Lawyer

A drunk driving has many acronyms and can be referred to as many things. In Michigan, a DUI is also referred to as an OWI or Operating While Intoxicated. The Lansing area contains many municipalities and police agencies and Ingham County houses three district courts: 54A District Court in Downtown Lansing, 54B District Court in East Lansing and the 55th District Court in Mason. All three of these courts handle all drunk driving charges in Ingham County.

Having handled numerous DUI cases and reviewed hundreds of police reports, they almost always begin the same way: a traffic stop. Your Constitutional rights require that a police officer have just cause to initial a traffic stop of your vehicle. In some cases, this means that the officer observed driving that would lead one to suspect that the driving is intoxicated (i.e., swerving or weaving) or it can be as simple as an equipment violation. In either case, this is often the most crucial event in a drunk driving case and requires careful examination by an experienced DUI Lawyer. Being charged with a drunk driving or OWI is not the time to hire a general practitioner or a family lawyer because the odds are stacked against the defendant charged with a drunk driving.

We have taken over cases from attorneys who have barely even read the officer's report. This is unacceptable. Representing a client charged with a DUI requires attention to detail, often requesting calibration records to verify that the chemical testing instruments (the Datamaster and in some cases the PBT) were operating correctly at the time the readings were obtained. In every case, we also request copies of any in-car cameras to examine the officer's purported reason for initiating the traffic stop. An examination of these in car cameras can also verify that the officer properly instructed the client about the Field Sobriety Tests.

Being charged with a DUI can be a stressful time in one's life. A drunk driving can carry with it potential jail time, loss of a license and substantial fines. In Michigan, a DUI can also affect one's ability to travel to Canada.

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