Osceola County Teen Not Charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct

February, 2011 - Following a criminal investigation, the Osceola County Prosecutor's office decided that it would not charge Leydorf's client with criminal sexual conduct. Both Leydorf, a Grand Rapids criminal defense lawyer, and his client are pleased with the outcome.

Attorney Nick Leydorf is a criminal attorney who has handled numerous criminal investigations involving allegations of criminal sexual conduct across Michigan. In Michigan, what used to be referred to as "rape," "date rape," or "molestation" has been legally redefined by the legislature as "criminal sexual conduct," or "CSC." There are four degrees to Criminal Sexual Conduct in Michigan, varying from 4th Degree criminal sexual conduct, which is a high-court misdemeanor, to CSC 1st Degree, which is punishable by up to life in prison. Registration as a "sex offender" is also a possible consequence of a conviction for criminal sexual conduct.

Leydorf, who has represented clients facing sex crime allegations, recommends that anyone facing a criminal investigation speak with a lawyer prior to talking with police. A criminal lawyer who is experienced in criminal law can advise you whether or not it is in your best interest to speak with the police during the investigation.

Attorney Leydorf has a statewide criminal law practice. He has represented clients facing various felony and misdemeanor charges across Michigan, including Grand Rapids, Lansing, Mt. Pleasant, and East Lansing. He offers free and confidential consultations.