OWVI Operating While Visibly Impaired

At the Leydorf Law Firm, we understand that any individual who has been arrested for a drunk driving offense is frightened and concerned about being charged with DUI or OWI. However, a conviction for OWVI (operating while visibly impaired) can also lead to serious criminal penalties. A conviction requires only that prosecutors prove alcohol impaired your ability to operate a vehicle in a safe manner. Unlike OWI, OWVI does not require that your BAC (blood alcohol content) be above 0.08%, Michigan's legal limit. Breath and or blood test results are not a requirement to be convicted of operating while visibly impaired.

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Lansing DUI defense attorney Nicholas Leydorf has the experience, skill, and aggressive approach necessary to beat charges of OWVI. A conviction for operating while visibly impaired could result in serious criminal penalties which include fines, suspension of your driver's license, possible jail time, and more. Even in what may seem a difficult DUI case, our firm is dedicated to securing the positive results our clients expect.

Individuals who are determined to have a BAC of higher than 0.08% frequently face charges of OWI (operating while intoxicated), commonly referred to in the state of Michigan as DUI. While this charge does require a BAC above the state's legal limit, OWVI does not. In fact, you could be charged with this drunk driving offense based on the fact that the police officer who pulled you over has the opinion you were impaired to the point you could not safely drive your car. It is recommended that anyone who has been questioned by police and operating a vehicle with a BAC of between 0.02 and 0.08 consult with our firm immediately. Our top priority is to protect your legal rights and fight a wrongful conviction for operating while visibly impaired.

Michigan Criminal Penalties for OWVI

Michigan laws are aggressive when it comes to those who consume alcohol and drive. You could face severe criminal penalties for OWVI regardless of whether your BAC is above the legal limit. According to the Michigan Vehicle Code, the penalties for an OWVI conviction are as follows:

First OWVI offense: Up to 4 points on your driver's license, jail time of up to 93 days, fines of up to $300, 360 hours of community service, driver's license suspension, and more.

Second OWVI offense: Up to 4 points on your driver's license, jail time of up to 365 days, fines of between $200 and $1,000, up to 90 days of community service, driver's license suspension, vehicle forfeiture or immobilization, and more.

Third OWVI offense (felony): Up to 4 points on your driver's license, prison time of between 1 and 5 years, fines of up to $5,000, up to 180 days of community service, driver's license revocation, vehicle forfeiture or immobilization, and more.

It is vital that you contact Ingham County OWVI defense attorney Nicholas Leydorf immediately for protection against these serious criminal penalties.

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Police and prosecutors have one objective, which is to secure a conviction and put you behind bars. We will vigorously challenge the evidence which for the most part is derived from the observations and opinions of police. Our clients can expect unsurpassed results, as we have extensive experience representing clients in drunk driving cases, which are often complex.

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