St. Johns Man Avoids Jail Following Conviction for Drunk Driving

St. Johns, Michigan - A local man sought the advice of Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyer Nick Leydorf after he was arrested and charged with OWI (drunk driving). The man was arrested after he was found next to his vehicle following an accident. Unfortunately, this was not his first conviction for OWI, and the client came to Attorney Nick Leydorf and admitted that he had a problem with alcohol. Leydorf is a Grand Rapids Criminal Defense Lawyer who represents clients across Michigan, including Clinton County, DeWitt and St. Johns, Michigan.

As any effective criminal defense lawyer should do, Leydorf reviewed all the evidence that would be used against his client. Leydorf also requested the calibration records for the Datamaster machine, which is something that every drunk driving lawyer should do to evaluate their client's case. While some OWI cases require an aggressive approach, Leydorf's client had made admissions to police that would be used against the client if the case proceeded to trial. After consulting with his client, Leydorf and his client agreed that it was in the client's best interest to plea bargain.

However, given the client's prior drunk driving offenses, this wasn't easy. Following plea negotiations, Leydorf secured an offer of Impaired Driving, which is a "lesser included offense" to the crime of Operating While Intoxicated (otherwise known as OWI in Michigan criminal law). In addition, the prosecutor agreed that they would attempt to enhance the defendant's conviction for impaired driving (OWVI) by using any of the prior drunk driving offenses against the defendant. If they had, the defendant could have faced felony charges and possible prison time.

At the sentencing, Leydorf used his prior experience to argue persuasively to the judge that his client would be better served by being given another chance at rehabilitation rather than incarceration. The client received no jail time.

This is one of the many success stories of St. Johns Criminal Defense Lawyer Nick Leydorf. Mr. Leydorf has a statewide criminal defense practice and has represented clients facing all kinds of felony and misdemeanor criminal charges, including DeWitt, Saint Johns, Clinton County, Mt. Pleasant, Isabella County, Grand Rapids, Kent County.